Friday, November 14, 2008

New Zealand Group have settled in.

We entered the new group for New Zealand. This group i

s due to be delivered to Auckland on 7/12/08.

A good size group, and as usual, it seems always the day we shear, and then enter the group into quarantine, it rains.

We have heaters in quarantine, and it seems always the first day those heaters are on.

The weather is rediculous at the moment, 1 week ago the alpacas went in at 15 degrees, then it immediately went to a couple of beautiful days of 22 and 24 degrees.

Before we knew it we had 2 days of 36 degrees, and today it is going to be 18, at the moment it is 13 degrees.

The alpacas seem to be coping well.

we have more males in this shipment, than females, and as tou can see the males and females are kept separated.

We have received the first results, all negative, which is good.

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