Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GIFT.. to make this an Industry to be proud of, we all ned to have as much knowledge as we can get

aAlong Fibre variation.
Paul Valleley, producer of GIFT, Genetic Improvement Technology, tells alpaca breeders why they should be looking to do a GIFT test, and why it is so different to a normal histogram.
The gift technology is the latest tool for alpaca breeders to use to assist them in breeing selection, and dicisions.
We must all be profitable in Alpaca breeding, and the only way to be profitable, is to produce the best and most sought after fleece.
But more importantly, just doing a mid side sample is not enough.
Paul explains this a little in this video, and the Pt 2.
I am an amateur as far as videos go and i did not know how to join the two lots up, so i appolagise for any inconvenience.
To make the right breeding decisions, you must have an idea what you are breeding for.
The secret to successful alpaca breeding is to breed to what the marketplace wants.
What does the marketplace want-Ultrafine and superfine, white and lt fawn especially, with little variance across the body, across the staple, and along the fibre.
Listen to paul, and go to my other GIFT blogs, to heat more about this fantastic technology

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