Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There was one Photo of Dad down the Antarctic, my sister gave me a copy

As i said one of their scientific activities was to count the penguins in the rookeries, (literally thousands in each rookery), can you imagine trying to count how many of these there were.
The penguins he is patting is the adelie penguins, which are the smallest penguins in Antarctica, the largets of all are the Emperor Penguins, a very magestic penguin standing just under 5 ft tall.
What a fanscinating bird, and how they will look after their chick between their feet, ech partner will take in turns to go and fetch feed for each other and when the chicks hatch for them , and both take on the parent roll equally.
In a blizzard, or white out, they all stand there together.
I did read that the finest fibre in the world was on the penguin, and they had extremely high density which is needed to keep to cold out and keep them water proof.
I hope you like the picture.

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