Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There is still a wat to get Australian Alpacas to Europe

As in my last blog, the main plane from Aust to NZ that we use to get the alpacas to NZ has been cancelled.
This is also the only plane currently that can be used from NZ to get alpacas to Europe, Luxembourg to be precise.
The previous plane that was used to get alpacas through to Europe, did not meet the EU Importing Protocols, as it stopped in Singapore, which IS a BTV zone.
MAriah Hill has already established a proven alternative route through Canada to get to the EU, in fact, with this option i have now 4 points of departure, and 6 destinations, being direct through to Zurich, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Glassglow and Geneva.
It works out slightly cheaper, less stress on the animals, as there is less testing, both in Australia, and in Canada, and the alpacas do not have to be shorn in Australia, and they stay on grass, causing less stress overall, as to get to NZ we have had to shear them from head to toe, and they were off grass for 1 month.
Our contact in Europe, is Yvonne Stienlet, from Alpacalandgoed, if you need to get information on how we work through Canada, and prices, you need to contact her, or of course myself. This means you can still get those sought after genetics.This is the team, from left, Myself (I am afraid time has not been kind to me), my son Daniel, who is always there for me, especially with keeping our vewhicles serviced, and repairs, to take the animals to the airport, At the back is my other son Andrew, he is as strong as an ox, and he always helps us load and also assists in driving the animals to the airport, Elyse, our backbone, she is the one that looks after the animals, she does everything, and if you meet her whilst she is working, she amazes everyone, Government vets from Australia, China, and Russia, are amazed of her capabilities, Lauren (and Jesse), she just oversees me and She and Jesse overlook the groups as they go for a dozen walks through the day, but i think Jesse's future is laid out for him.
And of course Rob, who is there to build, maintain, assist Elyse with the animals, and drives the animals toi the airport, and also is there to pick me up, when i am down.

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