Friday, July 2, 2010


Winter is always a depressing time of year, and this year is no exception.
Our winter her at Mariah Hill, Nar Nar Goon, started about 2.5 months ago, with very few sunny days. The alpacas look like drowned rats, it is very cold, although no where as cold, as in the blogs I read from the UK, Europe, and Canada, & the USA.but it is always so wet.
Because of the bushfires last year, out normal mating season did not happen, and so we are having babies now in the winter.They are doig fine, but we are having to keep a very close eye on the farm. I am snowed down with bookwork, that seems to be piling up a foot higher each day, so Lauren, takes the baby for a walkabout three times a day, She rugs Jesse up, puts the plastic raincover over, and off they go.
Thank goodness i have my family to help me, as i do not know i would get through this year.
Life changes. Goals and what you have worked for.New life, crias, Jesse, Rob is what you keep going for.

You look at his little face, and he will put a grin on mine.and then i turn around, and back to another 15 hours in the office.
Sometimes i think why do i do this for others, they would not for me.
Never any thanks, never any gratitude in any way.
i keep going because, i cannot let anyone down, and though the toll is telling, i have to keep going.
Thank goodness my husband keeps a good eye on me, as I hope there is not a repeat of the beginning of this year.You feel your heart almost ready to explode.The pressure is great.
Tablets, settle it down, for a while.
Rob took me away last weekend, to try and give me a break, as i am not coping that well with the pressure.
I took my little blue computer with me we bought in Canada, and i n the bag thank goodness, was the car charger, still the canadian power point end on it.
We were going to head to Coffs Harbour, i wanted a meeting with the people we do our flights through so that i could work out different routes, and the latest flight changes, disease status of different areas the planes fly through. We were also to meet another breeder that i needed to discuss some difficulties faced with the plane schedules currently. THis did not happen.
About 1/2 hour through the journey, receive a phone call from Malaysia, i was working in the car on the computer for about 9 hours.
Rob, could see me, starting to crumble again, so we stopped at Woollongong, at least i could glance out at the water and the beautiful palm trees, and that is where we stayed for 1 extra day, whilst i tried to sort out the problem that was not.
Then in the car home back to the computer all the way home.
Rob wants to take me away yesterday afternoon, but more hassles.
Come home, babies have been born, keeping close eye on them. Jessie has been crosscutting, his teeth still none through, Lauren is doing a great Job, Cousin Alex is here also, and now is getting stronger.Life is now happier for her, she has been very depressed, and thank goodness, the kids, Andrew, lauren, Daniel and Elyse, has been a great moral support for her.
ROb, and his fatherly advise and just being there to look over her, whilst her parents are away in Africa.She now is walking around with a smaile on her face.
i go back to my office, and i keep working and working.
I sometimes do a blog, it gives me a break from the worries of the world.
Rob said last night, he will take me away today for a couple of days.
but i walked in my office this morning at 4.30am, and the pile of work i have to do, i cannot see that happening.
I wish i could be in Fiji, or Thailand, Hong Kong, or Singapore, although i would be doing work, it is warmer, pretty, and a break from our cold, wet days.
Elyse has me in her.
She keeps working and working.
She is our backbone, she comes in each morning, and gives me a cuddleI do not know how we could keep going with out her.
She is stronger than any guy that has ever worked on the place, she has know how, and common sense.
Yet she is so femanine, and a beautiful young lady.
She is knowledgable, vets ring her up for advice, if they come across things they have not seen before, these are vets, that we have not ever met.
She is there for her dad, she does the lawnsmowing round with him, she lays turd, does paving, cleans peoples places up before they sell their houses, she helps her brother from time to time, with carpetlaying, vinyal laying, she is there helping her father fix vehicles, she has half built the quarantines, she has been there every step of the way fencing the new quarantine area.
meanwhile, she is feeding babies, and keping an eye on the herd.
She is mustering the goats, she is there during quarantine treatments, and cleaning the quarantine.
She is a great girlfriend and makes sure her boyfriend has a beautiful meal, on the table when he gets home, and there for him and his family.
I am lucky to have my family around me.
Winter is always the most dismal time of the year.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We all feel down at winter time...we had a very hard winter..last year...I wa snowed in for 4 weeks solid !!..just couldn't get out, the water froze...power cuts...just plain hard !...thankfully all the animals..were ok..and I survive...on my own !....times are deals you some..hard cards...but the human spirit will soon be spring..then summer and you will be able to enjoy all that you have around you again..and the hard winter will be a distant memory....I have...hang in there..with all your help....tomorrow is another day !....Jayne

Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

Thank you Jane, i know how hard you guys do it over in the colde countries. i honestly could not.
life at times gets you down.
i just somehow try to pick myself up.
looking at brand new babies always helps, and our stud males Vallon and Patche', they always are there and will give me a cuddle.
and always seem to be looking out for me.
I think i lost my human spirit, and just cannot find it any more.
I do love reading your stories, and thank you for your nice comments