Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Jenny I knew

A very close friend Jenny, has not been very well for the past few months, and now is in a home, i hope she will get better, my biggest hope is that she will be the same again one day.
We had so much fun, when we went to the shows together, she was a very funny lady.
Mid life crisis, and stress are very under rated.
She has not been the Jenny we knew for a while now, and it breaks our heart to know that the Jenny we now see, will never the the jenny we once knew.
She was a great friend, and she was a great person as a second mother the girls would call on for advice from time to time.
We had many laughs together, and another fleece fanatic, we would spend hours talking about fleeces, crimp, lustre, and histograms, babies, and she knew every baby we ever had.
We still love you jenny, and we hope you recover fully, and look forward to seeing your cheeky smile, and laugh again at your accomplishments.