Wednesday, September 29, 2010

..Delivering hassle free to 7 European Destinations......and New Zealand too

Thinking of not make more problems and worry for yourself.

Meeting current European conditions, and Defra Protocols, we can deliver to 
Glassglow, Luxembourge, Amsterdam, Heathrow, Copenhagen, Frankfurt. & Zurich
Thailand, Korea, India, China, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Japan.
We have a proven record, of delivering over 10,000 animals of varied species over the past 8 years.
Considered one of the leading Australian exporters.
We built our quarantine facility which has 4 separate quarantine facilities all approved by the Australian Government - AQIS.
We are a family run business, My husband Rob, and my youngest daughter Elyse, do the day to day running of the quarantine, and the animal managment of the animals in Quarantine.
Lush green paddocks.
The alpacas now can go on Lush green paddocks, and do not have to be shorn anymore to go into quarantine.
Hassle free, easy, affordable, Reliable.
We have been leaders in Australia and the world for exporting Alpacas, & Llamas, and have assisted many Australian breeders link up to their overseas counterpart.
Let me know if we can help you.
Raelene +61359425722

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Knapper Alpakka said...

We would be happy to use you for our next import :-)