Monday, September 6, 2010

What are the RISKS?

Following are responses from Singapore Airlines this morning our Monday.6/9/10
" Our current and normal operating pattern is to change aircraft in Singapore"
" As some time ago with Auckland/Heathrow, Singapore Airlines would consider any request for the same aircraft with a minimum of six weeks prior notice"
" The number of main deck positions and revenue would need to be a minimum or 2, preferably 3".
" The same through aircraft destination would need to be Amsterdam"
" Any decision to offer same aircraft shall remain subject to operating aircraft remaining servicable, on the required schedule to ATD Singapore.
" Singapore Airlines will not be liable in the event that ANY event beyond Singapore Airlines's direct control causes a extended delay in Singapore and/or late minute aircraft change"
This will quantify how conditional the means of delivery offered is, and that all risk remains in play through to departure Singapore at the exporters expence.

To complete the wider picture - customers and regulatory authorities need also be aware of the the following.

D7 - AKL/SIN - 0410/0830 - B744F - 10.84hrs (Needs this 3.47hrs earlier departure from normal to make the connection)
D7 - SIN/AMS - 1020/2210 - B744F - 17.84hrs (Via Madras and Sharjah - Total: 30.32hrs AKL/AMS)
Next earliest back up
D7 - SIN/AMS - 1355/1140+1 B744F - 27.75hrs (Via Johannesburg and Nairobi - Total : 43.37hrs)
The Alternative...................A proven means to competitivley deliver SYD/Canada+residency+Canada/UK-EU with no risk, and meeting current EU Protocols.

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