Monday, September 6, 2010

THe Facts come to light

When I start thinking of doing an export, i have to lodge a document called.
NOI is Notice of Intention to Export.
I emphasise the word RISK.
No matter what we do in our every day life, whether it is driving a car, planning a holiday or Importing / Exporting alpacas.
We must always reduce our risk, whether it be Injury, sickness, travelling to different countries and not knowing their laws, or Importing and exporting alpacas.
So, under Australian Exporting Legislation, which maybe different in each country, but under our legilsation, i have to plan and foresee any risk at all, right from the start of the Quarantine to the time the alpacas arrive at their destination.
The first part of planning, is to study the Importing country's protocol.
So when you are exporting say to the Eu, even though it is through a third country system, as directed by the Eu commission, (current regulations for exporting from Australia), it is a very complicated and complex document, that refers to this directive, that had been amended and then refers to another directive, and another directive, etc.
So complex, the interpretation, of these documents is essential, that both the exporting country and the destination country gets it exactly right, not half way right...exactly right.
There cannot be one mistake on any exporting documentation, that accompanies the crate to the destination country.
Quarantine officials in all countries, as very strict.
They are trained to be, as they are protecting the Biosecurity of their country.
BTV (Bluetoongue virus), is at the crust of most of the protocols, no matter what country we export to.
It is a large issue because, at the moment, the BT Virus does not cross species.
It does not cross from cow to cow, but the mosquito deposits in the cow, ( I am only using the cow as an example), the virus, the cow only is the host for the virus, and then when the next mosquito (correct term midgee), bites the cow (and it has to be a certain type of midgee, not all midgees), it picks up the virus in the blood, and passes it to the next cow.
So at the moment, the midgee is the thing that has and passes the virus around.
It is not transferred currently from animal to animal and not from animal to human, and currently not from midgee to human.
I went to a top level Australian Biosecurity meeting a couple of years ago, in Parliment House, Canberra, and one thing these top Australian scientists did say, is the one thing to always be aware of.
So that we can never say that BTV will never pass from species to species to human.
ANother alert is, that scientists al over the world are looking at all these viruses like BTV and say Q fever for instance as future chemical warfare weapons.
This is the reason, that many British Importers would remember around Feb, 2008, whether trade was ceased between NZ and the EU.
The reason, was the flight route stopped at Singapore, which is in a permanant BTV ZOne, and at this port the doors have to be opened.
then there is risks of exposure to the BTV, whilst the doors of the plane are opened, the midgees could enter the plane.
This is why when the EU realised that the plane was stopping in Singapore that the Eu Importing Conditions were not being met.
The only soluton was picked up by a flight forwarding expert, whom i am very privilaged to work with in my consignment flight plans.
I will continue in the next blog

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