Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do what you do best of all......

This weekend, Sunday is booked out 3 trips to the airport and back, and weighing animals per crate size, and taking them to the airport.
Saturday, i have to take a break as the workload is exhausting at the moment.
So we had 5 groups of people come through the gate over the past few days.
some are people buying pet alpacas, with the intention of seeing how they go with the alpacas, and they are interested in females, only basic stock at this stage.
Which we have seen before, Alpaca fever bites, and there is of course only one more alpacas.
ROb gives his usual one on one talk about what this industry intails, and how wonderful these alpacas are to farm.
and two lots buying some females, and a couple of pet males, (one mature wether, as they are near a forest and have foxes going through, so i want them to have protection which this wether will protect with his life), and a young one just off his mum, so they can play with this one, and take him for walks, etc, and leave the pregnant ones alone to have a stressfree pregnancy.
Total tally, i think i have given up counting, over the past few weeks, i think we would have sold about 20 pet quality males, and male guards, about half a dozen females, just the cheaper ones, as they want to try then out first before spending the bigger money, and a couple of goats to eat the blackberries.
Promoting alpacas to new breeders is one of our answers to making this Industry viable.
We love selling alpacas, to new breeders and guiding them through so they can produce quality offspring.

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