Sunday, May 18, 2008

12 Micron fleece

We are just so happy, with our latest fleece results.

Vallon's Quest, sired by Vallon De Oro' histogram has come back at 12.7 micron.

we have checked on the internet, and asked a well known US breeder who has asked on his website to find the finest alpaca in the worlf (tested0<>

Last year, we were glad when we had bred 2 alpacas at 14 micron, then this year we have 8 at 14 micron, then 1 at 13 micron and now 1 in 12 microns.

We have only tested 40 out of 400, so far this year, and i think we have a couple more coming close to the 12-13 micron.

Our aim has always been to breed some of the "Finest" alpacas in Australia, and the world, and we just cannot believe how through a strict breeding program, we are acheing our aims so quickly.

Vallon De Oro' has been a huge asset to our breeding program, producing an extremely dense fleece, super bright, i call it Sparkling lustre, as it is the brighest lustre i have seen (right, this is a crias fleece sired by Vallon).

Rose came up today to see her crias she bought her mum and two sons.

Stefano, (19.5 yrs old), our main stud male, for the past decade.

He has been such a great male, his progeny are still winning championships in AUst, NZ and UK, is feeling the cold.

He usually has his own paddock, but he was looking depressed, so we have bought him up close to the house, and given him heaps of feed.

I know that we cannot have him forever, but he is my best friend, and i would hate to think he is close to the end of his life.

I had the vet do a blood test just to make sure, that he is not lacking in anything, i would like to keep him as long as we can.

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