Sunday, May 4, 2008

Latest Histogram Results

Hi, again, just thought i would like to add to my last posting.
We have just received word that we have finally now bred our First 12 micron fleece.
We are aiming to bred quality Super fine Fleeces, highly lustrous.
Last year i was pleased when we produced 2x 14 micron fleeces, out of what was tested
this year we hav acheived 8x 14 micron, and our first 13 micron fleece, i thought that was an acheivement, but still aiming of a 12 micron.
And although not even 2/3rds of the progeny have been tested as yet, we have now acheived at least 1x 12 micron fleece.
WOW, and we have more to test.
Vallon De Oro', has produced some very fine offspring, and is acheiving our aims that we purchased him to do.

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