Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quarantine going well

What a busy week. Up at 5.30am, to check my emails, answer the important ones, down at quarantine between 6.30am and 7am, down cleaning quarantine, checking each alpaca, feeding. This can tke approx 3 hours ecery morning, and then the same in the late afternoon.
We did three procedures this week to meet the NZ protocol.
This is a lovely group of alpacas, foming from 8 farms cross Australia.
All the alpacas are getting on well.
We also completed some ultrasounds in our own herd, with Zena, who is 8 years old, due to giver first cria any day.
We were told by a vet when she was about 218 mths old, that it would be impossible for her to get pregnant. Being a full Accoyo female, this was disheartening at the time.
ELyse loves her so we gave her to ELyse.
She became the carer for the weanlings, with huge mothering capabilities, she really looked after many weanlings, over the past years. She also looked for matings so often we would let the new boy on the block to try and learn from her patience.
One new boy approx 12 months ago, his first mating, acheived a pregnancy with her on his first mate.
Spurprise, Spurprise, so we contacted the original vet who said she could not get pregnant, and reconfirmed an ultrasound through him.
He has since told us, that she obviously can get pregnant, (obviously), but we would have to be careful when she delivers.
Elyse is very anxious of her impending birth.
While Tim the vet was up, we re scanned her to confirm the pregnanct date, as if delivery proves to be difficult it is already arranged, with Tim, for a caesar to take place.
So we patiently wait and observe.
We had lots of rain last night.
All alpacas in quarantine was placed in the shedding area for protection from all weather eliments.
Looks like rain to day.
Speak soon

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