Monday, May 5, 2008

Stefano loves his Paddock

This morning we woke up, and glanced through our bedroom window, where we can see over some of the paddocks, the main paddocks that are used by the Alpacas.
Stefano, now 19.5 yrs old, has his own paddock, he loves his paddock.
Although he is very verile for his age, and can stand up for himself from the young machos coming through, we do not want to test him, and so he has his own paddock, it has his own personal shed, and is still King of the farm.
He has been a great asset to our Breeding Program, and improves every alpaca that he has gone over, most have been good enough to take to the show, but we can only take so many.
Progeny from Stefano is used as Donor alpacas for some very inflencial ET Programs in AUstralai.
Progeny of his, are still winning championships in the Uk, as well as NZ and Australia.
We are very proud of Stefano, my friend, he loves a cuddle, and loves going for rides in the car.
ALthough these days he does not do mobile matings, but he still does drive through matings.

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