Friday, May 30, 2008

quarantine is going well

There is only now 7 days before the alpacas are due to be loaded to drive to the airport.
This group of alpacas are a lovely bunch, and have all got on so well.
We are slowly getting the results now from the screening which is required for the entry to UK.
It is a very hard screening trest, physical and fibre, as well as health.
This time, it did not take long for the screening results to come in, so that is less stressful.
A baby girl was born this week, one sired by Mariah Hill Jeremiah,
Rob and Elyse finished a huge landscaping job, and start laying turf tomorrow, after preparing everything today.
The next group of alpacas are being delivered and the next group start on the 10th June, 2008, and there will be roughly 25 numbers are still being confirmed.
10 Suris were delivered today.
Elyse picked up some from SA last weekend.
She is helping her dad tomorrow, with the turf, and on Tuesday it will be ELyse's 21st.
we will hold a party for her the weekend after.
She was given a present today for her 21st, from her best friend Charlz, and she has such an exciting smile on her face when she came into the office to show it to me.
I as asked to apply for the New Exporters grant by AUstrade, it has taken me all week to complete all the questions, etc, i hope i do get one, as i would then use the money for the nex Worald ALpaca Convention apparantly next year it will be in the USA.
It would be good to view some of the ranchs in the USA, and also do some networking for the quarantine and sales of alpacas.
We are currently trying to open the market place up for canada, and there is a bit of work to do with the protocol.
I am lucky to have good contacts, that will do their best, and have been so healpful for me.
This time next week, we will be loading the alpacas up on our land transport to the airport.
A big week ahead, it always is such a hectic week the last week of the quarantine.
Yes all have passed all their tests.
I always feel an acheivement when we load the alpacas into their crates and deliver them to the airport.
But the alpacas, by this stage has also bonded with us, they see so much of us, that you can see that they know they are going somewhere new, but sad to leave behind.
They are spolit in quarantine, and given as much feed as they can eat.
It has been fairly good weather whilst they are here.
I hope it last a little nit longer.
Anyway i must now spoil my husband i have bought an apple cake and ice cream for his supper.
He has worked so hard he deserves it.
Best wishes, and i speak to you soon.

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