Sunday, May 4, 2008

This is my First Posting, i thought that some people that are looking to buy Alpacas, would like to know the runnings of alpaca Farm.
When we first bought our first 3 Alpacas, we thought, that one day we may have about 30+ alpacas.
Being slow breeding alpacas, we did not believe how fast a herd can grow.
They are just delightful animals, and even though we do have now a large herd, we still are excited as ever every time a baby is born,
We love alpacas, and just belive they are the most perfect animlas to farm.

Yesterday we received some more alpacas that are going into quarantine tomorrow.
Jeanette and Keith Hollingworth dropped some alpacas off that will go to NZ.
They lovely alpacas, that were sold at a recent auction in NSW.
We have made many friends through alpacas, and it is wonderful to see these people other than at shows, so you can catch up and pseak to them on a more personal level.
Recently i was audited again from AQIS, and passed again with Flying colours.
Comment was, i wish all exporters were as thorough and organised as yourself.
I take pride in my work, and do like exporting, it is very chellenging.
It does take all my time, especially the bookwork.
Recently Elyse and I went to the UK, France and Switzerland, Belguim, and call in and visit some of the people we have been working with for the past 4.5 years through exporting.
We have a good team that i work with, in Uk and here, and so consider ourselves succesful exporter.
My husband has had to change his career through the company he was working for was bought out, and changed all their policies.
He has taken up a lawn franchise with VIP Home Services.
As we are experiencing a drought in Australia, the work has been chellenging for him.
Lauren my 2nd born and first daughter left last night to go to Bali with a few of her friends and their families.
She was looking forward to that, whilst Elyse is helping her father this afternoon.
I will be back on the farm, checking late pregnants.
We have had 100 babies this season but many more to go.
I will try and write most days, so keep tuned.

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