Monday, June 9, 2008

Alpacas arrive in Auckland

Quarantine no NZ23 is now finished, with the alpacas have arrived safely in New Zealand.
Final vet inspections on Friday morning. AQIS Inspections were very happy with the alpacas whilst in Quarantine.
All alpacas have put on weight in quarantine. The plane was on time, as we loaded the alpacas on board.
The quarantine facility is then cleaned and disinfected, as it is prepared for start on NZ24 on Tuesday 10/6/08.
Long weekend this weekend, for Queen's birthday.
We get home from the airport around 3am, a few hours sleep, then we have put all our attention for ELyse's 21st party.
Elyse and Leesa came to the supermarket to help pick up all the food needed, and they went off to buy a most beautiful outfit for Elyse to wear on her 21dt.
She looked absolutely beautiful.
Rob and I were so proud our our Baby!!.
The last of 4 has now turned 21.
Rob's sister, Maureen stayed over, as she had just finished work.
We decided to visit ROb's father and step mother, as they could not come to the party, as Molly had been sick all week.
It turns out Molly (90), has a broken rib, from the gastro she had all week.
Poor Molly looked so crook.
Rob's dad, Bill, (82), was just so worried about her, we went down to get some jellies, and yoghart for her to get her some energy, as she and Rob's dad, had not aten a great deal over the past couple of days.
We also took all the remaining food left over from the party, which hopefully will tie them over for a couple of days.
Maureen and i stayed up talking most of the night, whilst ROb caught up on some sleep.
Today, we had an easy day.
We made sure Molly was coping Ok, when we got the word, that all was Ok, i caught up on some computer work and Rob painted a car he purchased off ebay.
See you for now.

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