Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last days of quarantine

Tomorrow is a hectic day, all the alpacas will be vet checked and the last prosecures will be completed.
The crate has been delivered to the airport, and all the paperwork has been completed.
AQIS Inspector will also check the alpacas, and give permission to load.
A check to see if the airplane is going to be on time or not.
Sometimes the plane is delayed, and so the alpacas are not loaded until we know a confirmed Time of arrival.
Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected.
large clean up is under progress also in the quarantine facility. After checking everything through today, just before dusk i took a walk to check all the alpacas.
As it has been a dry year this year, we have the main herd, (all the girls, babies, except for the late pregnant females, some weanlings i like to keep an eye on), stud males are in a protected paddock, and the other males are in good paddocks down the back.
We have been waiting for the winter to really set in, which going by the weather forecast that will not be long. So we are resting most of the paddocks, the above paddock they only went in yesterday, plenty of feed.
The picture above is of the girls paddock, as the sun was going down, looking over the main herd paddock. Rose is in the fore ground, she is here to get pregnant, she has had a few problems, so it was decided she stay here, and treat her, and confirm pregnancy by ultrasound before she leaves.

A new arrival Pasha, is settling in well.
She is sired by AValanche, and we will mate her to Vallon De Oro'
Elyse turned 21 on the 2nc June, and we are holding her 21st Birthday party on Saturday, mainly family a few of ELyse's close friends, just a small affair.
As i walked through the paddocks, tonight, i was very proud of the quality of offspring we are producing.
Vallon De Oro' , is definately taking over from Stefano.

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