Sunday, June 22, 2008

farm duties

Every day we start off feeding the alpacas in quarantine. Raelene goes bak to completing the bookwork, and Rob and Elyse clean and disinfect the quarantine, this will take at least to lunch time.

Rob's new career at landscaping is proving quite good.

ALthough he really has been doing this part time over the past 6 months, combined with his courier work, he decided last Friday, enough is enough with the courier, and he has offically left API now, which he was there for 13 years. Elyse helps him as well as farm duties.
The franchise is VIP Home Services, and his areas, are Pakenham, Nar Nar Goon,
Drouin, Cora Lyn, Lang Lang, Endeavour Hills, & Hallam.

As you can see she is very fersitile, and her day is very busy.

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