Wednesday, June 11, 2008


THE ALPACAS ENTERED QUARANTINE, next group, the majority of this group will end up in Holland, and UK.

SOme of Australian Champion Suri's have entered, and some results of ET breeding programs are also in this group.

Shearing yesterday just before they entered, shedded for the night because the weather was breaking, resulting in a large storm last night.

All were bright as a button this morning.

1st salmonella samples were taken, and first lot of procedures today.

Elyse was selecting our show team, it is pretty hard to pick, as the list consists of at least 20 quality alpacas, but we only have a couple of weeks for halter training. Pink FLamingo one of the show team

we decided 6 were to go.

They are pretty hard to pick.

We have some elite males growing out in the front paddock, we checked their fleece out as well. and wow, we would like to take more.

Must go now.

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