Wednesday, June 25, 2008

vip going well

Ekyse is home from her break, and 7am, in the morning we are the front of her little flatette which is on the property, beeping the horn.

We had a huge day on.

Checking the alpacas, first thing, letting ones in sheds out, and making sure they are all wam.

Rob and Elyse go down and let the quarantine alpacas out and clean and disinfect the area.

All alpacas are going well.

Raelene Moves the girls to a new paddock, where there is alots of freash grass, this paddock has been rested since March.

We have approx 400 plus alpacas on 100 acres, but they really do not eat a great deal.

2/3rds of the farm rarely get used, and is mainly used for growing hay.

At the moment we have about 100 round bales left for sale. They are going very quick, as really this state has been in drought for about 8 years now.

We are lucky although we are not cutting as much hay as we used to, we are still getting good quality hay, and enough to feed the herd, and sell some off.

Elyse is on the tractor here.

She is really versitile.

Well off Rob and Elyse went to do another clean up, as people have moved out of their house, and then a huge clean up in the garden, for a massive mansion in Harkaway.

He said the grass was almost as tall as himself.

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