Friday, June 27, 2008

were delivered to the Melbourne zoo on 26/6/08, where they will start their 30 day quarantine period, before entering the public arena at the Melbourne Zoo.
The area designed for the alpacas is within 100 mts of the main gate, just off to the right, where a parkland area, with beautiful shade trees will be redesigned, landscaped, and fenced to hold the alpaca display.
Whilst renovations take place, as they are also re designing new areas around the Alpaca Enclosure, THe guys will be near the taparie enclosure.
The Taparie is blind, and mainly comes out at night.
So whilst the Taparie .
The taparie is like a half horse and half elephant, so i am told, about the size of a full grown alpaca, and is not at all agressive, but a gentle animal.
It was an honor to supply the Melbourne Zoo with the alpacas, as we are told this is the very first time that the Zoo has purchased any animal from a private breeder.
The Zoos usually buy from other Zoos.
We came equipped when we delivered the alpacas, and there was a very warm welcoming committee, when the alpacas arrived.
They were weighed, and placed in their tempory quarantine area.
Whilst there, the handlers, and trainers will
be getting to now them.
The idea of the alpacas, is to train the alpacas
so they will be taken for walks through the zoo,
during opening hours, so that the public can
interact with them, Of course with trained handlers.
The Zoo would like to educate people about the alpacas and how they are farmed in their homeland, and how they are farmed here in Australia.
After delivering the alpacas, both Elyse and i were given a tour of our next most favourite animal, the elephants., going past a new exhibit, tiger pups, (georgeous).
We both went away saying to each other what a wonderful life our alpacas will have.
We met the Trainer, who is from California, and is one the world's best animal trainer.
We watch him with the elephant, and watching the elephant have his daily bath.
You can see the repore he has with the animals, and we knew that they would be in great hands, and cannot wait to see our guys when they come out of the quarantine. when you visit Melbourne Zoo next, say hello to Xocoloti (the Drink Hot chocolate dates back to the Aztecs, and they called the drink Xocoloti), Great Expectations (we were in the Uk when He was born, we were sitting at stop lights, opposite a magnificant very old building, a restaruant called "Great Expectations), Scandolous, ( he was just so cheeky looking), and Tsunami, (in memory of the tsunami victims)....say hello for us

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