Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alpacas have arrived in New Zealand, and are enjoying the lush New Zealand pastures

Well the alpacas have passed all their tests, they have now been inspected by AQIS, and the Vet,


And they now have permission to load. A quick call to the airport to confirm that the plane is on time. All the paperwork has been accepted, and satisfied the New Zealand requirements, and now i have been given the health certificates that accompany the plane. It is time, the females are loaded first, a very quick process, as we set up gates, to give them a laneway to walk through and straight into the float.

It is easier to walk the males to their area. These males are halter trained, and near working age, so we have to keep them separate to the females. The females are pregnant and would spit at the males all the way to the airport, anyway. We keep the males separate anyway. The males are eager, as they are loaded into the van. All goes well with the trip to the airport. Both Rob and i are so tied, it has been a long day, since 4.30am, in the morning, with the final clean up for this group. AQIS meets us at the airport along with our freight forwarder. We load the alpacas into the crate, and they are off to New Zealand.Add Image Before loading, we check the crate out, and make sure that it is safe, and well constructed, we check the stamps on all timbers to confirm that it has been treated properly to the specificatations of IATA. Then after the alpacas are loaded, we lock the crate up secure. The the crate is lifted to the conveyor belt, and we watch the crate move into position to be loaded onto the plane.

A very smooth and well planned loading, AQIS is very happy with the loading, and there is plenty of space for the alpaca to walk around, and sit if they want to. It is a vey

long day, we had the alpacas at the airport loaded by 730pm, it is almost 10pm by the time we get home. We stopped off at McDonald's on the way home, have a fresh pick me up, before heading off home.

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