Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sire is Vallon De Oro",
He has been putting spectaculat fleeces onthe ground.
The fleece tester last night who is the man that buys the ultra fine bale, said that the consistancy of our fleeces, and stats, would place us one of the top ultra fine /super fine studs in Australia, this guy tests most of the fleeces in Australia.
He especially liked this fleece, (I love her ), as he said when you have a SD 3.2, you know that the whole fleece is consistant in micron, but not only that, it is all over, and she then has the ability to pass this on. Most of our SD are in the 3's some in early 4's. He said most studs are not getting under 4 in the SD. She has outstanding fleece. She still is maturing, and she is spectacular, she is devoping nicely, the dam's offspring have all grown out well.
Aailyah also hs the most gentle, beautiful, sweetest personality.
She has just flown to NZ for her second leg of the Journey, where she will stay for 6 months for residency. Then she is due in Belgium in June 09

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