Monday, December 1, 2008

Jolimont Stefano-a great herdssire

Jolimont Stefano, when we first purchased him. a real gentleman and a great friend.

Maybe you have heard of him or maybe not. In 1995, we purchased from the First Peruvian Alpaca shipment, two Peruvian Stud males, one being Stefano, full accoyo (picture taken last week at 19 + yrs old, just shorn), and Cristiano (full Alianza).

These two boys have been huge herd improvers over many people's herds.

Stefano pictured below is now an old man, but he is still working and his progeny are still up with the best of them in Australia.

Cristiano sired Khan, who up to date was the highest S?P ratio alpaca to be tested after a world wide trip, testing skin follicle samples, from Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and many Australian, New Zealand, and European countries.

Stefano, produced the second highest S/P ratio alpaca.

These guys are herd improvers, they have frame as well as wool.

They both have producesd Supreme Champions, and manyBlue (first) rivvon progeny, and progeny groups. We then did purchase another male, Jolimont Patche', (also Full Accoy0), who has really bulked up our offspring, and also a great frame male.this selection of males has contrivuted to the beautiful soft handling, Ultra and Super Fine fleeces.Our Next generation is Jolimont Vallon De oro', wow, he just finishes them off really well. Where do we go now, we can go back to Stefano, and re stamp those fantastic genetics.

He has also produced many stud males, one we retained, Olympic Dream, and look what he is doing.

What has been our secret to success, a fantastic genetic base, coming from the Accoyo and Allianza herds in Peru


hilaryc said...

Re restampng, do you mean linebreeding back to Stefano?

Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

Hi Hilary, after the third generation is safe.
Only if there is enough progeny on the ground that shows that he is not throwing any genetic faults.
Stefano has hundreds of offspring and no faults.
We are very careful with this breeding practice, but if done with the right alpacas,and a good male, it reinjects the good genetics.
His genetics have been so strong, and has made a huge improvement, that whilst he is still alive, as he is getting very old, we hope to install these for the best genetic improvement.
In Australia, there is a thing called AGE, Stefano rates very high on this program, as one of the genetic improvers.
i have to go now, but i will rite more on this shortly, as i have been preparing a blog on genetic improvers.