Monday, December 8, 2008

Male certification - Snow drifter

Snow drifter is off to Belgium. A magnificant Stud Male, great consistant lines. Australian Alpaca Industry, has strict rulings on th males that are used for services. Before they can be used, they must oass a strict criteria, which is the Male Certification. It is to make sure no stud male has any genetic faults that can be inherited to the next generation. Some of the things that they checked for are similar to the Bas Screening. Tail, must ber straight not bent; laxating patellas, none at all, Eyes clear, and no problems to be seen inside them, straight legs, muzzle, no wry face, to mention a few. Here our vet Dr Tim Henderson, is checking against a sheet, that gives him the angles of the legs, so he is holding this sheet up, to confirm his legs are straight. Snow Drifter passed with flying colours. Now he is on the next leg of his journey, he has 6 months residency in New Zealand, and should fly out approx june 09.

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