Friday, December 19, 2008


We have been concentrating on our breeding to produce fleeces for the Ultra Fine and super fine bale.

We are pleased with our breeding results, better than we imagined.

We estimated quite a few of our progeny to reach the ultra fine fleece bale, but we doubled what we estimated. Vallon De Oro' has been a great asset to our herd, but i believe the foundation of Jolimont Stefano, and Jolimont Cristiano, and Jolimont Patche', (full Peruvian), from the Accoyo and Alinza herds is the secret the the advancement we are making with out fleeces.

The high brightest lustre that is coming through is only emphasising the fineness we are producing.
We have been told, that so far we have produced the finest alpaca tested in Australia, at 12.6 micron, sired by Vallon Deo Oro'. Even our red dirt, which always gives our alpacas a pinkinsh look, as soon as you open up those fleeces, the lustre almost knocks you out.

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