Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A new Arrival

We delivered two little males to a ladys house last Sunday.
Georgeous boys, Incan Pride and Tarz. They were cute as they explored their new home.

A visitor at the lady's property, had two little boys and within moments the alpacas and the two boys really hit it off.

Watch as the communication happens between the boys and the alapca.

First of all, the boys started walking behind the alpacas, and of course the fast walk, started to be a small run, then the two boys were distracted, and just started running in sircles, and next thing you know the alpacas started to run after the boys as if to play.

Here you can see the interaction going, and as his father was trying to take a photo, of the oldr boy with Incan Mist, the little boy told Incan mist to smail, dad's trying to take a photo so you had been ter smile.

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