Monday, December 8, 2008

Conformation- straight legs,

we love to see straight legs in alpacas, as in the example above.
Straight legs are important that the weight is evenly distributed evenly down the leg bone.
Alpacas tend to have slightly splayed legs because of lack of Vitamin D. Especially during the winter.A simple injection twice during the winter months is all it takes to make sure your alpacas have straight legs.


kh said...

i want to have a straight legs but that is out of my hand

hilaryc said...

Not much sun here at the moment!

Your post sent me to google -" Conclusions and Clinical Relevance—Seasonal changes in bone mineral density are associated with changes in serum vitamin D concentrations in alpacas. Changes in bone mineral density associated with a decline in serum vitamin D concentration may predispose some alpacas to developing fractures minimal trauma. (Am J Vet Res 2002; 63:948–953)"

It also commented that bone mineral density was at its weakest several months after the lowest vitamin d level.

It certainly means prevention is better than cure.