Friday, December 19, 2008

Jolimont Stefano

Jolimont Stefano (full Accoyo)
Now approx. 19.5 years old, and still gaining pregnancies, this grand Old man, says it all.
ONe trait breeders forget is Longitivity. A great asset if this male is producing stunning progeny that have genetic gain, fine microns, low SD & CV's, and beautiful stapling, time and time again, increasing density, correct conformation, excellent fertility, then you really want to get the most of this type of alpaca.
Stefano has approx 600 progeny on the ground, many Supreme Champions,and Sire's Progeny Group Champions on Royal and National level.
..".The Master" one client said to us, .........why go to the master when we can go to the Master's Master....."Stefano"
A sign of a great herdisre is if he leaves his trademark .... Stefano stamps his cria year after year, Proven by his Progeny.
A good breeding program identifies "IMPACT MALES".
Elite alpaca genetics is measured by the extreme super fineness covered from the top of his bonnet to the tips of his toes, displaying incredibly bright lustre, finely crimped charachter in pencil staples bundling evenly across the whole bodyThe secret of breeding Champions, is to choose a proven herdsire. Proven by his progeny, and their consistancy of all the attributes that we are breeding to acheive, and ultimately to produce the fibre to please the manufacturer.
We are dedicated in our breeding program, that we can largely attribute Stefano's valuable genetics.
Some of his attribbutes he has passed on to his progeny are
* Uniformity and increased staple length.
* This has been an important breeding criteria.
* Soundness if body and conformtion and balance
* Fineness of trhe blacnket extending to all extremetries.
* Uniformary across the whole body
* lack of Medulation low 30% over 30 micron
* High lustre
* Staple length
* Volumne or density
* high frequency of crimp which will always display high curvature.
* Coverage- increased coverage from the bonnet to the tip of their toes.
Stefano's contribution to the Australian Alpaca Industry is rivalled by few stud males ever in Australia.

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