Friday, September 11, 2009

Annika & Ebony Rose

I was just given an update photo of Annika and Ebony Rose, whilst still in NZ< are due to be sent to Belgium on October 19th.
Annika was mated to EP Conquistador, who is the sire of many highly awarded Black alpacas.
Although a very dark brown himself, he has produced more Blacks and grey alpacas, than Brown.
Each alpaca sired by Conquistador who has been shown has won the highest of accolades from the showring, and many males have gone on to be some of the most sought after coloured genetics in their region. One famous offspring of Conquistador is Mambo in Uk, who himself has thrown champions.
The secret of Conquistador is his heritage, Highlander / hemmingway, to my knowledge the only coloured sire that has this combination behind him.
solid black lines on dams on both side of his lines.
Annika, has magnificant crimp style, and high lustre, a gorgeous handle, and is fine for a black, with a low SD. Importantly he keeps throwing this without a failure to date.
Ebony Rose is also a beautiful solid black displaying a superb handle and high lustre, and has been mated to Gerardo, a steel grey in NZ.
Be it a black or Grey offspring, male of female, the quality will be well sought after for the owner.
Teo beautiful black females an asset or the black breeder

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