Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sheep arrive for Russia

Sourced from the famous Collinsville Merino stud in North west South Australia.

Collinsville Stud is a name synonymous with the Australian wool industry and for the last 100 years, from its base in the wool-rich Mid North of South Australia, has dominated wool production throughout the country. Now the world's - and not just Australia’s - most recognised Merino brand, this historic and famous stud influences about 30 pc of the national clip with wools coming from all major producing regions in the country.

Collinsville's clients stretch from the tropics of Queensland to the lush paddocks north of Hobart in Tasmania and represent the single, largest volume genetic wool type in the world.

Merino & Poll Merino Stud

Twelve different families, mothering almost 1000 stud ewes annually, to produce true medium wool sheep.

The first lot of sheep arrive this morning and others to come tomorrow, to start their journey to Russia.

Looking forward to working with these majestic animals.

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