Sunday, September 13, 2009

What do I like best about the Alpaca industry

I think if i look at wehat this Industry, and think why i love this industry so much...
(although these two photos of myself were taken within days of what could have been the last days of my life, but thanks to a doctor in Cuzco).
there has been so many opportunities.
What Opportunities?
The opportunity of being able to show my fullest potential.
To be able to contribute to the family income, and still was able to stay home for the kids.
This industry has given us a great lifestyle, where we can appreciate everything around us.
i love the fleece, and in the early days of alpaca farming i enjoyed spinning and knitting.
I have had opportunities to travel many countries through out the world.
I appreciate History, Alpacas has taught me many things about the Incas and Mia societies, and to visit Micchu Pichu, although i just stayed at the entrance part, as i just got too weak, ( later learnt that i possibly had a heart attack here). to experience different ways of life, and meet some fabulous people.
I have the opportunity to now go into exporting, which also has opened many doors for me.
I really appreciate this industry and what it holds for us all.

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