Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sheep for Russia

Wow, these sheep are gorgeous, all averaging between 60 - 85 kgs, and all umnder 12 months old would you believe, from someof the best bloodlines in the world.
Having a quarantine facility, gives you the opportunity to see the best in each species.
These guys are destined for Mineralnye Vodi in Geoirgia, far west of Russia.
We also have 1 saanan buck in this group.
They are all so well behaved and love when it is feed time.
They all run as a group. so tight, they like their bodies to touch each other, unlike alpacas, who do run as a herd, but as individuals.
These guys huddle together when it is time to go to sleep, and again like their bodies to touch for security.
They are gorgeous. but boy can they eat.
1 round bale in a lush green paddock, would feed 20 alpacas for at least 1 month.
4 round bales with 100 sheep, in a very lush paddock, will feed these guys for a day!!! and plus pellets.

Alpacas are sure more efficient eaters.

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