Friday, September 18, 2009

What is a laxating patella?

This alpaca here is being screened for acceptance on the British Alpaca Society (BAS) association. It is being screened by authorised screeners by BAS.
One of the genetic faults alpacas are tested for is Laxating patellas.
It may be disappointing for the purchaser who is looking forward to seeing their alpaca, but this particular fault is detrimental to the alpaca long term, and something you do not want to breed on.
The reason alpacas are screened for the UK, is to ensure that alpacas of high quarality and carrying no known genetic defects should be accepted by the British breeders.
If you look at the vet, who gently slides to one side, the Patella, (in front of the knee), Normal patellas will return back immediately, but you can see, that this patella does not return back unless returned manually.
There is no force used in this procedure, but please unless shown how to perform this procedure properly do not try it.
You need to know what you are doing before you try this.
Veterinarians are qualified to test for this fault, and if you are purchasing alpacas, and want to confirm that your alpaca does not have this fault, please pay the vet fee to screen the alpaca for your own safe of mind.
It is always a good idea anyway to have any alpaca purchased checked out by the vet, and of course it is advisable to insure your alpacas.
Alpacas can also be insured when they enter quarantine.

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