Thursday, September 10, 2009

Russia- a new frontier

Still lots of preparation is involved to secure the right protocol between couintries, although much has been done to date.
I seem to specialise in opening up new countries to not only alpacas but also goats, sheep.
This is not an easy task. and extremely stressful.
Esecially when you do not speak the language, and the country has different customs, and interpretation to us in Australia.
It is hard, mind bogling work, and i really at times feel quite daunted, as i try to dig deep to the bottom of my brain, to get through this complexity.
The chellenge is too great at times. and i do not know why i seem to be the one that has to try and do this.
My efforts are not subsidisd, and takes all my energies, and time, where i should be earning some money to pay the bills.
But i do have the will in my heart to know that all these industries be it in Australia or other countries need these protocols open. Someone has to try and do it.
It is so hard though.
The world is a huge place and it is healthy for every country to export and import.
With the livestock laws in place where we can safely transport all animals by air very safely.
This time though there is a time limit and i have to really make sure that all my moves are the right one, and in the right direction.
Hopefully, it will all work out

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