Friday, September 11, 2009

some of my favourite alpacas

I just love this video, although i have shown it before, it is one of my favourites.
It shows how easy (or is it easy, when you stop, you do become a maypole as the alpacas all walk around you, and the leads then tie around can only just love it)...there are not many animals you can walk so many at once..just do not stop to turn around.
On the mornings of a show, especially when it is a few days at a time, the alpacas wake up all wet, from the condensation of the roof, and also the humidity produced from so many in the shed breathing.
the fibre is damp, and it is show day, there is only one way to present to alpaca and that is to hope that t is going dry off in time.
Usually at that time, there is not a lot of sun, and little wind, so we walk the alpacas trying to proiduce some draft to hopefully dry the fleeces off.
Hopeful thinking most of the time.
Here my friend jenny was with us, and i asked her to hold the alpacas whilst i take the photo.
i laugh when i watch this.

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