Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alpaca Wool Classer--see what she is doing at the moment

At the moment, Elyse is the only person that has studied at the Deakin University, Geelong the wool classing on sheep wool, and the univeristery were introducing alpaca. This program seems as though it will wind down, due to govt cut backs. SHe also has a gained her certifcates in agriculture, specialising in alpaca. What is her job description?Managing alpaca farm, quarantine duties, which incorporates assisting vet, health checking alpacas on a daily basis, and cleaning and disinfectiong.'She also advises clients on animal managment, she drives around for the mobile matings, and worms and innoculate clients alpacas, manages our own herd, matings, spit offs, clean farm, teaches vet students, supervisers vet students, assist me if needed in fibre sampled, data collection, filing, assists her dad, mowing, laying turf, spraying, rode on mowing, paving, window cleaning, building pagolas, trimming hedges, assists her brother, laying underlay, carpet and vinyl, driving, deliveries to pharmacies if needed, driving her brother to jobs.

Of course this is only a brief description, she also has passed Junior judging and is waiting for when she can become an apprentice judge, shows and prepares alpacas for showing, advisoer to clients, and also teaches them about fleece etc.

But above all she is a grosse kid, she is always there to help me, often cooks tea, if i am so loaded up with work, is always there to assist her father, loves her dog, "fatty". We also have three other dogs, who will follow her all over the farm, and stress out when they cannot see her.

I forgot through the alpacas she has become a world traveller, and has visited NEw Zealand, Peru, UK, Wales, France, Switzerland. She is very well known in the alpaca world, world wide.

She has a great future, and as you can see, she can set her hand to anything.

She is a wonderful person, and daughter.

In her spare time, she enjoys her little flatette, that is on the farm, where she has her own space.

What else can i say, i hope life gives her evrything she wants, as she gives all the time to anyone who calls her help.

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