Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yvonne, from ALPACALANDGOED alpaca stud in Belgium, this is her property, with her alpacas.

They look lovely.

I think it is becoming to be autumn there in Belgium, with winter very soon.

Here in Victoria we are the other extremes, today being 30 degrees C, which was so nice to feel the sunshine on your skin.

Summer is on the way, grass is growing really well.

I look forward to receiving my emails from Yvonne.

She and her husband operte a mechanic shop in Belgium, and enjoy farming alpacas.

English Rose has settled in well. I am so glad that English Rose has settled in at Yvonnes place.
I think she will do well.
I think it will be very soon, and Primera, and English Rose's sister will join her in Belgium.

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