Friday, October 17, 2008

Spring has sprung

All of a sudden, the grass seems to be taking off.
It has been slow this year, although ROb would not have sai so, as he is getting loads of lawns to mow.
the grass is growing all around the house, and it is so lush.
So i let the herd out yesterday afternoon to eat the grass, there would be around 5 acres of grass between the two houses, and it is so lush.
So are the capeweeds, we payed a guy $2000 last year to spray the weeds, as Rob did not have time, but they are three times more this year than any other year.
Everyone is commenting the same.
The animals thought it was wonderful, they love getting into the garden, They eat all my new shoots on my palms though, but trim the other plants nicely.
They were skipping, and running around, they had a ball last night.

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