Friday, October 17, 2008

Time out

The weather is picking up now, and we are starting to have pleasant days.
I have been locked up in the Office now for days on end, and have not seen the sun.
Rob has been very busy doing the lawns, some landscaping and loads of clean up jobs, and work seems not to end.
Let alone look at the farm.
Sometimes, when you are locked in the office, you brain seems to fizzle, and that is the point i was at last Saturday.
So when Rob came home, he said lets go or a drive. What a beautiful night it was, we drove to a small but affluent seaside resort of Inverloch. A beautiful spot, it was just nice to have that time out, with such good company.
Daniel's girlfriend Hannah has moved into a house, so we do not see much of Daniel any more.
He is a great, i cannot say kid anymore, he has grown into a great bloke.
Andrew has settled down now with his girlfriend Leesa, and is intent on doing up the old heritage listed house. Life is cool with them now.
Elyse seems very happy in her flatette, on the farm, it is gorgeous and sweet...her pad.
And her guy ishome now, and looks forward to seeing him.
Lauren is still sorting herself out, but is now working 2 jobs, and i think life is cool with her too.
Rob and i took time out, and had a chance to catch up with what has been going on with each others lifes, as Rob is too tied when he gets home, and i am still at the computer till late.
But we came tot he conclusion, yeah, we did a good job with the kids, they are all responsible adults.

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