Saturday, October 25, 2008

China Display

I have been asked to put a display at Yangling Agriculture fair in China.
The display will be up for 3 years.
I had to write a promotion brochure, and display information, and then get it translated into Chinese, which was not an easy thing.
We look forward to meeting out Chinese contracts sometime in 2009
Alpaca numbers are under 100 currently in China, but they are looking into starting a registry, and farming alpacas in larger numbers in the coming years.
We have also been asked to meet some of the Chinese farmers who are interested in breeding alpacas.
We will hold a meeting with these interested Chinese in the New Year.
Mariah Hill is established to be able to meet the Chinese protocol for importing alpacas.
Mariah Hill Quarantine facility was originally desidned to cater for many protocols.
and the Chinese protocol, has always been in mind, when the facility was designed.
We have 20 acres set aside for China, which will not interfer with any Canadian exports, or New Zealand exports.

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