Saturday, October 25, 2008

Illustrious,,, one of my favourite alpacas at the moment.

This boy, has a long way to go.
The day he was born, he was ear marked for a huge future, but as he gets older, and he is still very young, he just improves out of sight.
From one of our favourite dames, "Seduction"' and Vallon De"oro, this combination has been repeated, with huge hopes.
This is the second offspring from the same join, and the previous male was sold as a stud male, at 6 weeks old.
Illustrous will not be sold, he is ear marked to be one of the stud males of our stud stables.
The line actually goes back to an original female we purchased in 1993 who was half vicuna, and every offspring from that original female, (gabbe), have been super fine, excellent density, and superb in quality, and have gone on to win their classes.
It is a shame, as i have been so busy with working on protocols, that i missed entering the finale shows for the year, so we hope to shear this boy, and start him off early in 2009.

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