Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Zealand alpacas are off tomorrow night

Another shipment is about to be delivered to the airport.
THe alpacas have been vet checked, they have passed all their tests.
It is time now for them to be prepared tomorrow, and have the final go ahead from AQIS, who is expected to visit tomorrow.
AQIS will come and once they have checked the facility and the alpacas, then we are given permission to load.
We have to be at the airport at 7 pm on sunday night, and then we meet the AQIS inspector again, whilst we also meet the freight forwarder.
We have had a copy of the health certificates that accompany the crates, and check that all is in order.
We check the crate, first, and prepare it for loading the alpacas.
These crates are very roomy, and we have a stocking rate we have to keep to, which gives each alpaca room to walk around, and stretch out if they need to.
Once loaded we are given the all clear, and we wathc the crate move to its loading dock.
Quite often the alpacas are half way to New Zealand before we even get home.
We like to visit New Zealand at least once a year, usually at their Nationals, (which we could not make it this year), and it is often fun to see the alpacas that we sent over, in their shows, or their offspring, winning the ribbons and accolades of New Zealand alpaca industry.