Friday, October 17, 2008

Alpacas for Canada

The guys in the Canadian group have settled in well.
They are enjoying the sunshine, and the grass.
We are looking through canadian legislations at the moment, which is very complicated.
Enviromental assessments, and plans. I am now an expert on these.
The picture is when we were just giving the guys a health exam.
Elyse is in her quarantine gear.
This girl just loved a tickle under the chin.
She was just lapping it all up.
Yes we are now ready to go, when everything is confirmed now from Canada.
This should only be a few weeks now.
The Canadians are very excited, and look like opening up their registry.
The Australian Alpaca is very sought after, world wide, because of the breeding experience we have with wool.
The alpaca fleece is so advanced now, that it just mazes you every year, how it still gets better.
You think how can it get better, but it does, and it is so beautiful, the quality that is being produced now.

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