Saturday, May 16, 2009

The aftermath of the fires

What happens to the wildlife that survive the fires?
They look and love to safer places miles away from thir homes, and make new homes.
They are also displaced, and stressed, and as you can see from these photos, their habitat is now gone.
The move to surrounding farms, and i have heard of many an extroiinary amount of attacks on farm animals all species, from Dog /Fox attacks, snake bites.
The vet having to euthanaise many farm livestock from snake bits, and wounds from attacks.
Deer have tried to graze on valuable grazing land, already suffering from the intense heat experienced a couple of weeks prior to the fires, and after.
looking at these photos though again.
i take my hat off to those who are brave enough and leave their families and homes to fight this monster.
I could not.
i would not be able to go into that and try and put it out.
Thank you to those who did.
I would also like to thank my kids, and husband, Rob, who when the alert was made, they dropped everything they were doing, and all came to assist us to move as many alpacas as we could, to safety.
Elyse fitting as many alpacas into her RAV4, babies, crias, Andrew, in the middle of a carpet laying job, and throwing his tools out to empty the van so as many alpacas could fit in as possible.
They all knew time was at an essence.
Also taking the worry off the owners,
so they could either stay and fight or go with their families.

When the roads were blocked by the police, they still found ways through the back roads near the fire front on occassions, to assist thise that needed help without hesitation.

Since i have heard of breeders who mock the ones that helped others. i have no words for those. I hope a disaster like this never happens again, but we would not have changed anything other they try and get to more if we could have.

Thanks, Rob, Andrew, Lauren, Daniel & Elyse, for bneing there for everyone that needed help

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