Sunday, May 10, 2009

second alpaca with same problem from the same farm

....low body condition, hard swellings on mandibles
It does make it hard to bring alpacas up from very low body condition, and when we are asked to do this, we feel sorry for the alpaca, and so agree on the condition, if we can get them up to optimum condition we will do our best, but can not be held responsibile if the condition of the alpaca can not be reversed.
But it is frustrating when the same owner sends sick and alpacas in poor condition from the a farm the same farm each time, and yet he continually leaves his alpacas at that farm, that does not seem to be managing his alpacas properly.
With over 10 alpacas being sent from this farm, all needing extra maintenance to bring up to optimum condition.
the amount of man hours both my daughter and I have put into to helping both overseas owner and the alpacas.
The most frustrating thing, si the owner of the farm these alpacas were agisted at, says that she does not like to give injections, nor treat abcess.
if these simple procedures were done in the first place, the problems these alpacas had, would not have existed.
Again we were ablt to bring these alpacas to a premium health and body condition so that they could go overseas to the British marketplace.

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