Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snow Drifter on his way to Alpacalandgoed

Snow Drifter sired by Jolimont Cristiano, solid white Peruviam Imported in 1995 from the Allianza old herd in Peru.

Cristiano has produced many champions, and is also reknown for siring one of he highest S/P ratio males tested (until 2008)

Snowdrifter is a very proud macho, carrying an extremely dense, high;y lustrous fleece.
Cristiano, is now 18.5 years old, and has been very consistant with the quality of fleece he has placed on his progeny.
This is a great chance for breeders to snap up these genetics.
Histogram below was taken when he was 22 mths old.

Snow drifter's parents are both Full Peruvian.

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