Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There were times i felt like pulling my hair out!

There were times i felt like pulling my hair out, as work still had to go on.
Work did not stop, i had to still operate the farmm still from canada, whilst Elyse was looking after all the alpacas and making sure the quarantines were running smoothly.
I seemed to spend most of my time at Tannis's Kitchen table, and at one stage had to work amongst three computers, we even had to buy another laptop over in the Canada, at WALLMART, i am a WALLMART fan now.
One computer could receive but could not send, the other could send whilst receing, and the other one which we borrowed was tannis, as i could not get onto certain programs, the computers were like how my brain feels now...like marshmellow

I always semm to have trouble with the internet and emails whilst overseas, and

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