Thursday, May 28, 2009

How important is Vitamin D to an Alpaca

Three Girls were delivered here from a nearby farm. I was asked by the owner to bring them up to scratch, there were problems, as the carer or agistor of the alpacas did not like to give injections, so i was told. This is the third lot of alpacas owned by the same owner, and from the same agisted farm, that has been sent over to us to try and get weight put on them and to correct any problems with the alpacas.
The only reason we take on the alpacas is for the alpacas sake.
no animal should be left to fend for itself.If you take on looking after other people's animals, you also take on the responsibility to care and maintain them, especially if you are being paid to look after them.
The pictures of these alpacas you can see after having a couple of years of no maintenance of worming and Vitamins. Each of these alpacas I was told were champions. I will leave it to you to decide. But after 6 months of treatments, we did correct the legs considerably, and got the weight on the girls that needed. It takes a lot of work ot correct, and money, but it is all unnecessary, and unfair on the alpacas. The alpacas should be cared for properly in the first place, and should not get to this stage. You wonder if the Owner worked out that the problem was with the farm the girls and his others were agisted at, and not the animals. Obviously he did not, as when the girls legs were corrected, and the hair grew back on her legs, where the legs were mite infested, the alpacas went back to the agisted farm!!!!!!!

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